Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie, is a piece of data stored by a website within a browser, and then subsequently sent back to the same website by the browser.

Why do we use them?

Cookies fulfil different roles. Some are required for site functionality, some allow us to analyse how our site is used and some are from third parties (i.e. Facebook).
Cookies make browsing websites more efficient, give the opportunity for advanced functionality and also allow our website team to analyse how the site is used (through Google Analytics for example).

A great example of a cookie at work is if you’ve ever visited an eCommerce site and put a product in your basket without completing the purchase. You may have returned a few days later to see the same item in your basket; it is the cookie on your computer that identifies to the website you have returned and re-populates your basket.

Why do you collect data on how visitors use your site?

Firstly, it’s important to point out we don’t collect any data that can identify a unique user or contact data on that person (unless of course you volunteer such information via the contact form for example).

We use Google Analytics to track how anonymous users make use of our site. The data we receive allows us to ensure our site remains easy to use, fully functional and gives users, such as yourself, the best possible experience.

Why do we need to outline them in this document?

The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) and UK Government have begun to enforce the E-Privacy Directive. The E-Privacy Directive is an EU based directive aimed at privacy protection in a digital environment.

The directive is aimed at informing and educating web users on what cookies the websites they visit use and what they are for. The premise behind the directive is that users will have more control over their online privacy and gain a greater understanding of information collected (although we must point out that information collected on our site cannot be used to identify a single user).

What cookies we use?

As noted earlier, our cookies fall into three categories.  Those that are required for functionality, those that allow us to collate and analysis site usage statistics and those that are used by third parties (such as Facebook).

Below is a list of the cookies we use. Some of them have already been used to ensure you are able to use our site and read this page for example. If you would like to clear our cookies, please visit this website for a guide on how to do so.

Cookie Owner

Cookie Name



Google Analytics


Less than one day

A session cookie set by Google Analytics to determine new visits

Google Analytics


Date not set

A session cookie set by Google Analytics to determine new visits

Google Analytics


730 days

A cookie which sets a unique ID per visit

Google Analytics


182 days

A cookie which informs Google Analytics which traffic source the visit came from

Authentication These tools tell us when you’re logged in, so we can show you the appropriate experience and features.

For example, cookies, local storage and similar technologies tell us when you are logged in to Facebook so we can show you relevant and social information when you visit other websites that use our social plugins. We also use this information to understand how people use our Platform and other apps and services.
Security and site integrity We use these to help keep Facebook safe and secure. They support or enable security features and help us detect activity that violates our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

For example, they help protect your account from being accessed by anyone other than you. Cookies also let us know when several people have logged in from the same computer.
Advertising Things like cookies and pixels are used to understand and deliver ads and make them more relevant to you.

For example, we may read a cookie so we can show you ads that may be interesting to you on Facebook or other websites. We may also use a cookie to learn whether someone who saw an ad on Facebook later visited the advertiser’s site. Similarly, our partners may use a cookie or another similar technology to determine whether we’ve shown an ad and how it performed or provide us with information about how you interact with them. We also may work with a partner to show you an ad on or off Facebook, such as after you’ve visited the partner’s site or app and this may involve the use of cookies, local storage on your device or other similar technologies.
Localization These help Facebook provide a localized experience.

For example, we may store information in a cookie that is placed on your browser or device so you will see the site in your preferred language.
Site features and services These provide functionality that help us deliver products and services.

For example, cookies help you log in by pre-filling the username field and help make chat a better experience by showing which of your friends are online. We may also use cookies and similar technologies to help us provide you and others with social plugins and other customized content and experiences, such as making suggestions to you and others. Learn more.
Performance We use these to provide you with the best experience possible.

For example, we may use a cookie to help us route traffic between servers and understand how quickly Facebook loads for different users. Sometimes we may store information on your browser or device so Facebook features you are using load and respond faster.
Analytics and research These are used to understand, improve, and research products and services, including when you access Facebook or other websites and apps from a computer or mobile device.

For example, we may use cookies to understand how you are using social plugins to improve them. We and our partners may use these technologies and the information we receive to improve and understand how you use websites, apps, products, services and ads. We may share information about this analysis with our partners.

What if you don’t want to allow us to use cookies?

As noted earlier, you can clear the cookies on your browser by following instructions found here. You can also block cookies from our site, or any other site you visit, using your browser settings.

Need more information?

If you’d like more information on cookies and the ICO’s directive, please visit the ICO site.